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Hortus B o tanicus Haren-Groningen


Hortus B o tanicus Haren-Groningen


The Hortus receives no funding from government agencies. The sources of revenue are admission fees, hospitality, parties and events. And the Hortus is sponsored by the Friends Association to fund a variety of projects, such as the renovation of the wild plant garden, the Laarman Garden, which was recently included in the National Plant Collection. The efforts of the more than one hundred volunteers are therefore crucial to the Hortus' continued existence.

Register as a volunteer

We ask that you be available to work at the Hortus for at least one half-day per week. Interested in volunteering or more information? Contact us using the application form.

Working in the Hortus means

Working in a beautiful environment

  • Purposeful collaboration with enthusiastic colleagues.
  • An opportunity to gain work experience.
  • A place where you are counted on.

We can offer volunteers the following:

  • An induction period
  • The opportunity to develop yourself
  • Being part of a team

Register as a volunteer

I am volunteering for the following position I am volunteering for the following position Garden employee Technical employee Receptionist Education Officer Tour guide Fundraiser Otherwise.

Garden employee

Who enjoys working outdoors in greenery in all weathers?

If you are available at least 6 hours a week to work in our gardens and would like to work with others in our garden/Hortus, please contact us and we can see where and what you can do in the garden.

Are you hospitable and enjoy speaking to visitors in a friendly manner? Then working at our front desk might be for you.

If you have service experience, good communication skills and a hospitable and service-oriented attitude, you are welcome to join our team.

Real handymen and handy men and women who like electricity, wood, machinery or painting are welcome at the Technical Department. Technical Services is responsible for all common jobs ranging from changing a light bulb and making signs in the garden to repairing machinery. The department handles carpentry and painting, electrical repair, machinery repair/maintenance and yard paving. We are looking for experienced technical employees immediately. You will of course be employed in accordance with your professional expertise.

If you would like to work in a beautiful environment and are an experienced handyman, you are welcome to join our Technical Department.

Then the Hortus is the place to be. The Education Department of the creates teaching programs, maintains contact with schools, guides family tours, provides activities or parties for children, organizes activities during school vacations and develops new children's activities with an educational touch on flora and fauna.

Fund raiser

Do you find it challenging to raise funds?

Do you like to maintain contacts with existing sponsors and organizations who care about the ? The Hortus could use people with fundraising experience.

We are immediately looking for a fundraiser to maintain existing contacts and raise funds for various projects, including maintenance of the unique Chinese Garden, renovations of existing gardens and construction of new gardens.

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Indicatie salaris (min – max]onbekend – onbekend
OpleidingsniveauLagere school
Aantal uren (min – max)1 – 40
Contactgegevensonbekend , onbekend onbekend
Type contractVast
LocatieHaren Gn, Groningen,Nederland
Soliciteer direct

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